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Silent Witness Project

(August 3, 2009)

Since the beginning of the Silent Witness Project, six (6) new silhouettes have been dedicated to honour the memory of Mary Waite, Debbie Holmes, Shirley Anne Duguay, Elaine Edith Myers, Della Waddell and Mary Louise Bernard. Two (2) additional silhouettes are planned to honour the memory of Crystal Dawn Beirsto and Ann Marie Perry Anderson.

(March 29, 2006)

The Silent Witness Project was first brought to the attention of the PEI UPSE Equality Committee in July of 2002. The goals of the Silent Witness Project are to remember women killed in acts of violence, create awareness of family violence issues and to promote action. Adult sized silhouettes are constructed of plywood, painted bright red and a plaque is placed on the silhouette containing the name, age, personal background information of the victim and her relationship to her murderer. Families of these victims are encouraged to assist with the construction and presentation of the silhouette. The committee thought this was a very worthwhile project to take on and bring to the attention of all PEI UPSE members and the public of Prince Edward Island.

At the PEI UPSE Annual Convention in November of 2004, the PEI UPSE Equality Committee invited three coordinators from the Silent Witness Project in Fredriction, NB to make a presentation to convention delegates. Convention delegates learned that the Silent Witness Project originated in the United States in 1990 and is now in every state, several countries and is spreading into Canada. During the convention a silhouette was presented by the Equality Committee representing Sister Kimberly Ann Byrne who was killed by her common law husband in December of 2000.

Since the 2004 Convention, the PEI UPSE Equality Committee has completed and dedicated four (4) silhouettes. Three (3) silhouettes represent and honour Kimberly Ann Byrne, Carrie McMurrer and a Remember Me silhouette who represents a woman whose perpetrator has yet to be charged.