Att: UPSE Health PEI Members

Posted September 15, 2023, 3:03pm

With the impending storm and possible adverse weather coming this weekend to PEI, Health PEI has proposed to us, that they would like to offer compensation to staff who are requested to be at their worksite in advance of their shift, or to those who choose to stay after there shift. Compensation for this is offered to other bargaining units and the employer is offering similar compensation to our membership.  UPSE supports this effort as it is about ensuring that workplaces are fully staffed and operational during what potentially could be a significant period of inclement weather. It is important to note that these measures are COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY and you are not required to be at work prior to your shift, and or stay after your shift without your consent.

Should we receive feed back from the membership that this one time arrangement was successful, we will continue discussions with the employer to see if this compensation may continue into the future. Click on picture below to see bigger version

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