Changes needed for Long-Term Care

Posted February 3, 2022, 1:51pm

P.E.I. UPSE members in long-term care are facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with courage and determination as they work on the front lines to ensure the health and safety of Islanders. They are doing so while at the same time having to deal with acute and chronic shortages in their professions. Low staffing levels have caused added stress, burnout, and high turnover rates. Further, the shortage has been made worse by staff absences caused by the recent outbreak of the virus. How can we expect long-term care workers to keep working under these conditions? They are overworked, underpaid, and at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

So, what needs to be done? First, we need to focus on proper recruitment and retention. The recent attempt to recruit untrained Public Schools Branch employees into the long-term care environment, although well intentioned, highlights a lack of planning and preparedness in the face of an outbreak. What has been done to recruit LPNs and RCWs ...

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