Did You Know?

Posted March 15, 2023, 9:13am

UPSE is divided into 19 Locals, each based upon the type of service delivery, geographic area, or employer. Each Local …

– ensures members are kept up to date by holding at least four local meetings per year

encourages members to share their workplace issues and concerns

– maintains a communication network with the other locals through UPSE’s Board of Directors

– selects worker representatives on worksite Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees

– promotes solidarity amongst the union membership and community

Your local elects its own executive comprised of a …

– Director

– Assistant Director

– Secretary

– Chief Steward and Stewards

What Local am I in?

Find your local on the UPSE website under “UPSE Locals” https://www.peiupse.ca/about/how/locals/

Local Meetings

Notice of local meetings are posted on Union bulletin boards at the workplace, are emailed to members of that local, and are posted on the UPSE’s calendar of events https://www.peiupse.ca/calendar/

Note: to ensure you receive your union card and are registered with UPSE, visit our website to fill in and submit your online registration form here: https://www.peiupse.ca/membership-registration/

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