Local Election Results for Odd Numbered Locals

Posted August 31, 2023, 12:07pm

Congratulations to all our members who put their names forward in the recent election for Directors in odd numbered locals. There was one election this year for Local 19. The Membership Services Committee met and counted the votes on August 30th and we send Congratulations to Doris MacKinnon and Juanita Gallant who were re-elected as Local 19 Directors.

All other odd numbered local Directors have been acclaimed with the exception of Local 1 who did not have anyone offer.

Local 3 – Arlene Bowness

Loca 5 (eligible for 2 Directors) – Tim Yorke and Kathlene Smallman

Local 7 (eligible for 2 Directors) – Kim Stewart and Tonya Ferguson

Local 9 – Melanie Cahill Gallant

Local 11 – Marsha Doyle

Local 13 – Hughie Handrahan

Local 15 – Jane Young

Local 17 – Terence McGaughey

Local 19 (eligible for 2 Directors) – Doris MacKinnon and Juanita Gallant

I want to thank all our members for participating in the democratic process. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors as we continue to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead for the membership.

Karen Jackson (President, UPSE)

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