Public Service Week 2022 (Awards)

Posted June 14, 2022, 11:32am

This message has been approved by Tanya Rowell, CEO of the Public Service Commission

Premier’s Excellence in Leadership Award

This award recognizes a contribution to Government and citizens of PEI, resulting in a positive impact, while demonstrating excellence in leadership that embodies the overarching Public Service Leadership Competencies: Influence and Self Awareness, Builds Relationships, Leads Others, and Focuses on Results.

I am pleased to announce this year’s winner as Ryan Neale for his work in Health and Wellness with the Chief Public Health Office throughout the pandemic!

In March 2020 when the province declared a State of Emergency, in response to the global pandemic, Ryan’s role of Environmental Health Manager changed instantly when he was asked to assist in implementing border measures into PEI and required travelers to undergo universal screening. Instituting these border measures was a first for the province, meaning there was no playbook or policy and procedure manual.

Despite the obvious challenges that could arise on any given day, Ryan’s leadership approach never changed and he consistently maintained a humble, calm, and thoughtful demeanor. His top priority was to provide the best possible service to the public, ensuring staff represented the CPHO and the provincial government in a professional and positive manner.

As we look into a summer of welcoming guests again without border measures, I want to thank Ryan and his team of over 300 staff for being on hand 24/7 to support the needs and safety of all Islanders during an extremely strenuous time.

This message has been approved by Tanya Rowell, CEO of the Public Service Commission

2022 Premier’s Leadership Award for Diversity and Inclusion in the Public Service

The Premier’s Leadership Award for Diversity and Inclusion is presented to individuals, teams or departments of the PEl Public Service who have demonstrated leadership in the promotion of diversity and advancement of inclusive best practices in the workplace and in the community. First introduced in 2001, this prestigious award aims to highlight, recognize and celebrate the dedication, contribution and leadership of public service employees; their commitment to championing innovative diversity and inclusion initiatives; the value and benefits of fostering bias-free workplace environments; and the significant impacts of eliminating barriers by advancing equity to create healthy and positive workplaces and communities.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s award recipient is Vicki Allen-Cook, Arts and Creativity Leader, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning!

Vicki is a passionate educator who has dedicated her life to using music and art as a vehicle of learning about diversity and inclusion. Over the years, Vicki has made a significant impact on the lives of teachers, coworkers, school communities, and the wider community through creativity and innovation to promote and further inclusiveness in the community.

Vicki has supported the education system to elevate cultural competency by recognizing that our society is becoming increasingly diverse. Her dedication and contribution to lead has helped develop and build partnerships with many facets of our Island community, including equality seeking groups, BIPOC members, Indigenous peoples, racialized groups, LGBTQS2+ communities, gender diverse groups etc.

In addition to her decades of work with the ArtsSmarts program that celebrates the synthesis of community, artists and student learning, Vicki has spearheaded numerous activities and events that are significant in advancing equity, diversity and inclusion within the department and across government.

This message has been approved by Tanya Rowell, CEO of the Public Service Commission

The Engagement and Collaboration Award

This award recognizes a contribution to government and citizens of PEI through meaningful engagement with the public and cross-departmental collaboration with relevant stakeholders and partners, resulting in a positive impact.

This year’s award is being presented to the Kerrilee MacConnell for her work in Justice and Public Safety Administration and Operations!

Like many workplaces over the past two years, provincial court operations had to adapt and shift significantly throughout the pandemic.

Through her hard work and valued collaboration across many facets of government, Ms. MacConnell and the Department of Justice and Public Safety were able to keep the provincial court systems operational throughout the heights of the pandemic, by introducing virtual models, alternate locations, as well as new jury systems and operational plans across the province.

We thank Ms. MacConnell and the entire team in the Department of Justice and Public Safety for ensuring the administration of justice in the province was able to continue throughout the pandemic.

This message has been approved by Tanya Rowell, CEO of the Public Service Commission

The Douglas MacMaster Memorial Occupational Health and Safety Award was first introduced in 2006 and is designed to celebrate individual or team achievements by government employees in the promotion and development of health and safety.

The award honours the work of Doug MacMaster, a long serving employee of the Provincial Forestry program. Doug was a Forest Safety Supervisor who taught chainsaw and woods safety courses and made great strides to improve worker safety in our forest industry. Sadly, Doug passed away in 2004 and in his memory we honour others who also make significant contributions to develop safer workplaces on PEI.

This year, I am pleased to announce the winner as Jeff Hannam, Provincial Forest Manager with the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

In his position with the Forestry, Fish and Wildlife Division, Jeff is always encouraging his coworkers to be aware of the safety risks associated with their jobs. His attitude toward safety has always motivated those around him to be more conscious of risks, helping to create a better overall safety culture.

Jeff continues to embrace and advocate for attention to detail when it comes to the safety measures required in the field.

This message has been approved by Tanya Rowell, CEO of the Public Service Commission

Departmental Innovation Award

This award is given to the department that best demonstrates an innovative approach to solving a need that benefited a section, division, the department, government as a whole or the general public.

The winner of this year’s award is Information Technology and Shared Services (ITSS) for their work in Digital Technologies in the response to COVID-19!

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at ITSS has stepped up and faced issues head on, tirelessly, and innovatively to ensure that normal government business could proceed.

In addition to their everyday work, the entire team at ITSS has demonstrated a culture of innovation that required collaboration, assessing a problem to be solved, breaking it down into its necessary components, gathering subject matter expertise, and executing in an efficient and effective manner.

The team at ITSS had the unique ability to execute innovative practices through strong partnerships of multi-disciplinary teams from across departments, crowns and agencies. This innovative spirit and across government buy-in has allowed for many new services that did not exist before!

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