UPSE Women's Conference

Posted May 30, 2023, 9:56am

The UPSE Women’s Conference was a great success! The women of UPSE gathered for a one-day conference in Charlottetown that focused on self-care and wellness. The conference theme, She Stands UP, was about celebrating and nurturing the strength and resilience of women. As union members, women play a vital role in shaping the future together.

The conference guest speakers included Dina DesRoches (Creativity and Wellness), Ashley Belanger Birt (Personal Story), Angelie Carter, Kinesiologist and Laura Reyes Castillo, Registered Dietician (Change Program), and Dianne Birt, Counselling Therapist (Taking Care of You).

UPSE believes in fostering a culture of wellness for women and all people, to ensure that members can thrive both inside and outside the workplace. The women of UPSE had a great day engaging in the sessions, sharing their experiences, and building meaningful connections.

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