Executive and Board of Directors

PEI UPSE Executive

PEI UPSE Board of Directors

In addition to the Executive, shown below are remaining Directors of the Board and the Locals they represent. A description of each of the 19 PEI UPSE locals, including local executive (directors, secretaries, stewards) and their contact information, can be found here.

Stewards CouncilBrendon EllsworthLocal 11Marsha Doyle
Local 1Connie SmallmanLocal 12Rick Brazel
Local 2Connie BrennanLocal 13Hugh Handrahan
Local 3Arlene BownessLocal 14Trevor MacKinnon
Local 5Tim YorkeLocal 15Jane Young
Local 6Audrey Wallace Local 16Lyn Higginbotham
Local 7Kim StewartLocal 17Terence McGaughey
Local 8Colleen MacDonaldLocal 18Vacant
Local 9Melanie Cahill-GallantLocal 19Doris MacKinnon, Juanita Gallant
Local 10Dina DesRochesLocal 20Don DesRoches