Member of the Year

This award is to recognize PEI UPSE members who have contributed to PEI UPSE by being union activists, participating in PEI UPSE functions and committees, volunteering time and in general contributing to the union movement of PEI. The selection process is conducted by the Recreation and Convention Committee, who then forward the names of the three most suitable candidates to the President prior to convention. Each nominee will be asked to speak on who they have nominated and why. Convention delegates will be asked to vote for the candidate they deem most suitable. The criteria for the award is as follows:

• Positions held in UPSE
• Attendance at Union functions
• Union education qualifications
• A willingness to assist other UPSE members

Our 2021 Member of the Year

Jim Ryan was voted UPSE Member of the Year for 2021. Jim has been a member of UPSE for twenty years. He worked in Long Term Care with Local 6 and is now with Homecare in Local 9. In Local 6, Jim was a Shop Steward, Chief Steward, Director and is currently UPSE’s Third Vice President.  He has attended many educational courses offered by the Union, has taken part in Family Fun Days, UPSE golf tournaments, and Conventions.

Jim has also been involved in health team negotiations for the membership as an RCW representative. His knowledge of the collective agreement was imperative in negotiations.  His work on the RCW Reclassification project for RCWs was key as well toward the recent reclassification.  He believes in promoting the Union and the membership to all Islanders. He helped make the new electronic sign located outside the UPSE office a reality so the Union can display key messaging and UPSE pride. Jim Ryan is Member of the Year as he gives a 100% commitment to UPSE and the members.