Scholarships & Bursaries

Union members, spouses or dependants, who are in full-time attendance at an accredited College or University are invited to submit an application for one of the fourteen bursaries that PEI UPSE awards annually. Twelve of the bursaries are $500 and one, the Laurie Jenkins Memorial, is valued at $1000 as well as another valued at $1000.

PEI UPSE is proud to offer this support as part of its ongoing efforts to promote the importance of life-long learning and education. The bursaries and the scholarship shall be awarded to students who are members of PEI UPSE, or who are a spouse or a dependant of a PEI UPSE member (members must be in good standing).  In order to qualify, recipients must be enrolled full-time at a post-secondary institution. Bursaries are available for both in-province (including UPEI and Holland College) and out-of-province studies.  Both the bursaries and the scholarship are for the second semester (after Christmas) and are awarded on the basis of approved criteria.

To be eligible applicants must be employed by one of PEI UPSE’s bargaining units, be paying dues, and have a signed membership card (or be a spouse or dependant of a member in good standing). The PEI UPSE Public Relations and Recreation/Convention Committee will base its decision regarding the bursaries on three factors.  They are – in order of importance: 1) Academic ability. 2) PEI UPSE involvement (as it relates to the applicant or to the PEI UPSE member of whom the applicant is a spouse or dependant). 3) Financial need.

A fourth factor – community involvement – will determine the top award winner for the Laurie Jenkins Memorial Scholarship. Applications are reviewed using a “blind test” procedure whereby Committee members are not provided with any identifying information about an applicant.

The Public Relations Committee selects the successful recipients of the bursaries and/or the scholarship from the applications received. The awards are usually presented over the Christmas break.


1.      All applications must be received by: TBD

2.      Eligible applicants must be enrolled as full-time students at a post-secondary institution during the next semester (Winter-Spring 2023/24).

3.      Provide a detailed description of the information requested on the application form.

4.      Include an official transcript of your last set of marks. (Mature students returning after a prolonged absence are exempt). Students attending Holland College or other institutions that do not use traditional marking systems must include Grade 12 marks and an evaluation from a college official.

5. Transcripts are NOT to be photocopied and are to be in an official sealed envelope from the school/institution.

6. All questions MUST be answered.

7. No application will be accepted after the deadline (applications can be faxed but not transcripts).

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to complete these steps in full may force the committee to rule your application ineligible. 

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact Mary MacLean, Education and Meetings Coordinator at the Union of Public Sector Employees, 4 Enman Crescent, Charlottetown, C1E 1E6 or telephone 902-892-5335 or toll-free @ 1-800-897-8773.