Membership Registration

As recognized by law, the Prince Edward Island Union of Public Sector Employees is the official bargaining agent for the following groups of employees. Currently, they are:

  • Community Inclusions Ltd.
  • Holland College Early Learning Centre
  • Morell and Area Early Learning Centre
  • Garden Home (1986) Inc.
  • Whisperwood Villa
  • Lady Slipper Villa
  • PEI Civil Service
  • Health PEI
  • Workers Compensation Board
  • Holland College Administrative and Support
  • Holland College Faculty
  • Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission
  • PEI Grain Elevators Corporation
  • Strait Crossing Bridge Ltd.
  • Tremploy Inc.
  • Community Connections
  • City of Charlottetown
  • Atlantic Tourism and Hospitality Institute

If you are an employee in one of these bargaining units, you have the right to become a full member of PEI UPSE. (Normally, the only employees not eligible to join PEI UPSE are those defined as managerial or confidential exclusions, contact employees or students; all others – whether casual, temporary, seasonal, relief, part-time, full-time, etc. – are eligible for membership.)

Membership in PEI UPSE is a right – not a requirement – although the payment of union dues is required for anyone occupying a bargaining unit position.

(Under the Rand Formula – employees in a union bargaining unit must, as a condition of employment, agree to the deduction of union dues but do not have to join the union. Therefore when an employer offers an individual a position in a Rand Formula bargaining unit, the employer is supposed to inform the job applicant of this requirement. Thus, when the individual accepts the position, he or she is also accepting the payment of union dues.)

If you are an employee in a PEI UPSE bargaining unit and you wish to apply for PEI UPSE membership, you can do this by completing and submitting PEI UPSE Membership, complete online. You can also attain one at most personnel offices, your local PEI UPSE steward, local director or the PEI UPSE office.

Once the union office receives your completed registration card, you will be sent an official PEI UPSE Membership Card. You will then become eligible to participate fully in all PEI UPSE activities –

  • Elections of your local executive officers and bargaining representatives;
  • Submission of bargaining proposals; receipt of tentative collective agreements and – voting on acceptance or rejection of same;
  • Receipt of the PEI UPSE newsletter, The Advocate;
  • Admission to relevant PEI UPSE education courses;
  • Assistance and advice from PEI UPSE staff;
  • Eligibility (for you and your dependants) for the 14 bursaries and scholarships awarded annually to post-secondary students;
  • A broad range of sporting, recreational and social events;
  • A wide range of discounts from local businesses; and many other benefits.

If you have moved, changed your contact information, job position, etc please contact our Membership Records Coordinator at (902) 892-5335 or by email to