Programs & Services

UPSE provides a wide range of programs and services for the membership:

• professional staff to help you when problems arise in the workplace (full support through grievance process).

• experienced negotiators to bargain contracts.

• researchers to provide current labour information.

• communications and campaign support to keep you informed and generate awareness around your issues.

• comprehensive education programs to increase your knowledge, participation and leadership in the union.

• development and training funding for health and civil service.

• staff trained to organize workers interested in joining UPSE.

• benefit program for members to access discounts at businesses across PEI.

MHCSI Preferred Pharmacy Provider Program in partnership with ACHCCS

In recent months, the PEI UPSE was presented with an opportunity to participate in an innovative Preferred Pharmacy Provider Program offered by MHCSI – Managed Health Care Services Inc. as part of the Atlantic Canada Health Care Coalition Society (ACHCCS) member benefits that delivers enhanced value for Health Benefit Plans.

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The Co-operators Insurance in partnership with ACHCCS

The Co-operators Group Auto and Home Insurance

Discount List

The discount list is a directory of businesses which offer discounts to PEI UPSE members upon presentation of your union membership card. Click here to access the discount list.

Public Sector Group Insurance Plan (PSGIP)

Employees in the Civil Service and Health Bargaining Units are covered by the Public Sector Group Insurance Plan, the PSGIP.

The PSGIP originated as a result of an arbitration award between the Government and the Unions dated 1995/1996. It was desirous that the plan be jointly administered by a Board of Trustees. PEI UPSE is one of the parties to the Trust Plan.

The PSGIP Board of Trustees are member appointed. These members are:
Holly Brasky, IUOE
Bobby Kennedy, CUPE
Melanie Bell (Vice Chair), Sarah MacDonald, Kellie Hawes, Erin Gauthier, Employers
Jennifer Doyle (Chair) PEINU
Trevor MacKinnon, UPSE Civil Service IRAC WCB
Carolyn Knox, UPSE Health

You can find more information about the PSGIP on their website at :

How To Join

As recognized by law, the Prince Edward Island Union of Public Sector Employees is the official bargaining agent for multiple groups of employees. If you are an employee in one of these bargaining units, you have the right to become a full member of PEI UPSE.

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