Call for UPSE Members: Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Posted June 28, 2024, 3:46pm

The Union has issued a call for seven (7) members to sit on a new Occupational Health and Safety Committee. UPSE is looking for:

– Two (2) Representative from Prince County (cannot be from same Local)

Two (2) Representative from Queens County (cannot be from same Local)

– Two (2) Representative from Kings County (cannot be from same Local)

– One (1) Representative from WCB (Local 18)


The Occupational Health and Safety Committee was created for the union to address the needs and concerns related to the membership’s workplace psychological and physical safety. Reports and injuries related to violence, harassment, and mental and physical harm have increased over the past years for UPSE members. COVID-19 highlighted the importance of occupational health and safety and identified deficiencies in government providing adequate PPE and safe working conditions. The ongoing labour shortage has resulted in understaffing which has increased the risk of injury and illness for the members including burnout, fatigue, and mental health conditions. Many UPSE members are being approached and asked to work outside their scope of practice due to staffing shortages. The membership has highlighted deficiencies in Occupational Health Safety legislation, policies and procedures which should be reviewed, updated, and amended.


The UPSE Occupational Health and Safety Committee will guide and support the Union’s actions and initiatives on workplace safety. The committee promotes awareness about occupational health and safety at all levels of the union, acts as a resource for the union and its members, assists in identifying problem areas needing priority attention related to Occupational Health and Safety, and plays a significant role in providing recommendations for amendments to relevant Workers Compensation and Occupational Health and Safety act legislation for the Union to lobby government bodies. The Committee will be responsible for reviewing and actioning all approved occupational health and safety resolutions from the annual convention,


The term for appointees to this committee will be two (2) years.


– To review and monitor all Occupational Health and Safety committees in locations where UPSE members are employed; to ensure minutes are obtained and reviewed; and to ensure that UPSE members have equal representation on committees and are elected by UPSE members.

– To review and action all OHS resolutions approved by the voting delegates at the annual UPSE convention.

– To review the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and the Workers Compensation Act and Regulations to provide appropriate recommendations and amendment proposals for UPSE to submit to WCB to ensure the legislation is modern, current, and aligned with the needs of the members.

– To work with UPSE’s Research and Policy Analyst to review, develop, and recommend union policy in Occupational Health and Safety. May make recommendations concerning Occupational Health and Safety training needs for the Union.

– To work with the Research and Policy Analyst by providing information for the preparation of submissions and briefs to government bodies on issues relevant to Occupational Health and Safety.

– To generate a report on the committee’s activities for the Board of Directors and the Annual Convention.

– To work with the Communication and Campaign Officer to bring awareness of Health and Safety issues through various communication venues (i.e., The Advocate, The Accent, publications, social media platforms, etc.).

– To operate, plan and work within the budget parameters established and approved by the Board of Directors. Comply with Policy A-2017-50-3 (Appendix A)

– To undertake and report on projects assigned as required by the Board of Directors.

– To hold at least four (4) meetings annually with members identified for this OHS committee.

To express your interest, please submit a letter of interest to UPSE outlining your Union involvement, OHS experience, experience writing briefs/reports, and the reasons for wanting to be a member of the committee. Please ensure that your letter reaches the Union office or is emailed to Karen Jackson ( by July 19, 2024.

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