UPSE Family Fun Time!

Posted June 28, 2023, 2:12pm

Get your special one-time use CODE by calling UPSE now in order to receive a discount for passes at Shining Waters OR Sandspit. Discount Codes are available for members now (1 code / member / family). Your code will allow you to purchase up to five discount passes at either Shining Waters or Sandspit (not both) for any date between August 14 and 27, 2023. Get your Code asap because there are a limited number. Keep your code and use it to book your passes online at beginning on August 11, 2023. You won’t be able to book your passes before August 11, 2023 and receive the discount. Remember, when you make your booking you need to choose a date between August 14 and 27, 2023. See the Accent (here) for more IMPORTANT details.

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